Paula Daniels

Paula Daniels is Co-founder, Chief of What's Next, and Chair of the Board of the Center for Good Food Purchasing. The Center for Good Food Purchasing uses the power of procurement to create a transparent and equitable food system that prioritizes the health and well-being of people, animals, and the environment, through the nationally-networked adoption and implementation of the Good Food Purchasing Program by large institutions. There are now 32 institutions in 15 cities across the US enrolled in this Program, which received a 2018 Future Policy award from the World Future Council, UN FAO and IFOAM Organics International.

Paula is a lawyer, and has held a number of senior positions in government in California and Los Angeles, including as Senior Advisor on Food Policy to Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles. She has also taught food policy at UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC and Vermont Law School, and is an Ashoka Fellow and a Stanton Fellow of the Durfee Foundation.